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EcoFocus Worldwide

EcoFocus Worldwide is your premier resource for understanding consumer behavior and attitudes towards sustainability. Founded in 2010, we have continually led the charge in researching various aspects of sustainability.


Our work encompasses everything from climate change and recycling to responsible packaging and health and nutrition. With insights that transcend specific industries, EcoFocus Worldwide empowers companies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable consumer behavior. If you are looking for reliable consumer data with a focus on sustainability, look no further.

The Best, Most Significant, High Value Research Dedicated Exclusively to Sustainability

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  • Syndicated Research: Comprehensive consumer research packages focused on multiple sustainability topics.​

  • Custom Research: Customized research solutions for B2C and B2B designed to address your unique business challenges and questions.

  • ​Consultation: Backed by years of relevant data, we can provide specialized advisory services to help your organization adopt a more sustainable and consumer-focused approach.

  • ​Market Insights: Rigorous analyses and trend forecasts to keep your company ahead in your respective field.

  • ​Sustainability Audits: Comprehensive evaluations of your current sustainability initiatives, complete with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Expertly curated, actionable research tailored to your company's needs

What We Do

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EcoFocus data is a pivotal tool for Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and Sustainability Officers looking to drive transformative change within their organizations. Our insights can help identify untapped opportunities that will resonate with your target audience or validate that your existing initiatives are effectively aligned with consumer expectations. Utilize our data to propel your sustainability strategies and ensure that you are consistently meeting your goals.

Driving Transformation Through Insights

Our all-inclusive report dives deep into multiple areas of sustainability, such as:

Sustainability Insights Report Now Available

  • Climate Change Concerns & Behavior

  • Use of Plastic

  • Recycling, Composting & Landfills 

  • Impact of COVID

  • Health & Nutrition 

  • Responsible Food and Beverage Packaging

  • Environmental Concerns

  • Impact on Shopping

  • Online Shopping

This report includes four client-specific, custom, drill-down charts*, crafted to deliver actionable insights for informed business decision-making. Once you have had a chance to review the report, you will be able to ask us to drill down into specific questions of interest to you. For more information and pricing please contact us at the email or phone below.

*Available Drill Downs: Age, Gender, Geo, or Political


For more details on our range of services, available reports, or to discuss a custom research project tailored to your organization's needs, please contact us at:

Contact Us

Contact: Jerry Croft


Phone: (847) 612-1912

We are limited in the number of custom questions we can include, so contact us today to get more information and make sure you don't miss out.

  • Pricing: For more information about the study, including pricing and the option to incorporate up to five custom, proprietary questions please contact us at the email or telephone number below.

  • Early Bird Discount: Secure a 15% discount on the 2024 study when you purchase our current 2022 report.

Our landmark 2024 study is currently in development and will be crucial for examining evolving consumer perceptions and behaviors, especially post-Covid, to assess whether the pandemic's impacts are having a lasting influence. A limited number of custom client specific questions are available.

2024 Study

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