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Health & Sustainability Trends 2020:  Clean and Purposeful

The EcoFocus Trends Survey has been conducted annually since 1990, examining the U.S. sustainability marketplace for the food and beverage industry.  It provides in-depth insight into how and why consumers are making changes in how they live, shop, and choose brands and products.  


Health & Sustainability Trends 2020 examines where consumers are in their thinking and behaviors, where they've been and where they are headed.  Measures are trended over time and show significant change over the past 5 to 10 years.  Consumers are making changes in what they see as desirable behavior, from ingredients to packaging to company practices and purpose.  Changes in the roles and influence of brands, retailers, and NGOs
are significant.  


Health & Sustainability Trends 2020 provides current in-depth insights into grocery shoppers with a special focus on younger adults, the game changing Millennials and Gen Z (18 - 35 years of age).  It also introduces  today's EcoAware Moms, those moms who are laying a foundation of eco-friendly lifestyle choices for their children.

Health & Sustainability Trends 2020 identifies consumer trends that have significant impact for change for the food and beverage industry in the future.  It is an essential report for any health and sustainability stakeholder.

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Health & Sustainability Trends 2020


Report package includes PowerPoint and PDF general report including executive summary, in-depth analysis, insights and implications together with Excel demographic data tables.


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