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Our Story

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of experts that are very passionate about applying their expertise to provide solid data, insights and consultation that will help our clients make informed and actionable decisions that will help make our planet more sustainable—not just for us but for future generations. At EcoFocus, sustainability is our headline, not a sideline.

Our Team

Jerry Croft

Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Croft offers more than 20 years of media executive experience. His tenure at Metropolis honed his digital transformation skills, particularly towards sustainability. Jerry's leadership in organizing eco-centric events highlights his commitment to a sustainable future. His acumen in research-driven strategy led to EcoFocus's acquisition, aiming to enhance sustainability practices with consumer insights. Jerry also merges his professional expertise with personal passions, developing a religious content streaming platform with his wife, Jennifer.

Elinor Gaida

Vice President Research & Strategy

Elinor Gaida brings 20 years of expertise in guiding companies through critical business and sustainability questions. Specializing in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, she has provided actionable insights across various sectors including retail, telecommunications, and technology. Elinor's passion for the outdoors fuels her commitment to sustainability, driving her to explore eco-friendly consumer choices and brand solutions. At EcoFocus Research, she's dedicated to understanding consumer attitudes and aiding brands in their journey towards sustainability leadership.

Allison Duncan

Director Research & Insights

Allison Duncan's diverse background in media and marketing research, from Beta Research to Erdos & Morgan and Ipsos, provides her with a unique perspective on B-to-B research initiatives. Her experience on both client and vendor sides, coupled with comprehensive project management skills, makes her an asset in various sectors like CPG and Pharma. Outside of work, Allison enjoys baseball, cooking, reading, and quality time with her loved ones.

Michael Croft

Vice President Business Development

Michael Croft's psychology background and sales experience make him invaluable for EcoFocus' consumer sustainability research. His work at SANDOW Design Group in New York, where he collaborated with firms passionate about sustainability, gives him deep insights into eco-friendly practices in architecture and design industries. Michael's understanding of consumer behavior enriches EcoFocus' efforts in exploring sustainable choices.

Arif Wright

Director Business Intelligence & Design

Arif Wright is a dynamic professional with a unique blend of technology and creative graphic design skills. A Web Development and Computer Engineering graduate, he has excelled in roles such as a Data Market Analyst at AMI Corp, where he showcased his analytical and strategic talents. Passionate about sustainable agriculture, particularly hydroponic farming, Arif's environmental advocacy complements his professional pursuits. An avid hiker, his adventurous spirit mirrors his dynamic approach to technology and creativity. Arif is recognized as a versatile, committed professional in his field.

Alex Murrey

Head of Technology & AI

Alex Murrey is a seasoned technology leader with over seven years of experience in product management, strategic leadership, and research & development. Having worked with companies like Twilio, Launch Consulting, and TangoTeams, Alex has a proven track record in driving product strategy, fostering cross-functional collaborations, and leading high-stakes projects in dynamic environments. With expertise in areas such as AI leadership, cloud transformation, and user experience, Alex has successfully led teams to innovate and deliver customer-centric solutions.

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