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  • How do you conduct your surveys and how in-depth are they?
    Surveys are conducted online and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Sample size and methodology assure the data represents the US population with a margin of error of +/-1.55%
  • Do you offer consulting services?
    Yes. We take great pride in delivering on our promises, so we start with a no cost, no obligation discovery call to see if we are a good fit for what you are looking for.
  • Are your subject matter experts available to speak to my team or at a conference/webinar?
    Yes, with or without a subscription package, we can work with you to make the right person, with the relevant information available.
  • Do you do B2B research as well as B2C?
    Yes.Contact us to discuss your research needs.
  • Do you only do syndicated research, or do you also conduct custom research?
    In addition to our syndicated studies, we offer qualitative and quantitative custom research such as surveys, polls and special reports.
  • Is your data representative of the US population?
    Yes, our survey data consists of 4,000 responses representative of the US census on key demographic variables.
  • How can I get access to the data?
    There are multiple ways to access our data. Our most popular is an annual subscription. We have 6 subscription levels designed to speak to different needs and budgets. Click on the Pricing link or contact our Business Development team.
  • Do you research anything other than sustainability topics?
    No. We focus entirely on obtaining consumer and business insights on sustainability attitudes and behaviors.
  • How long have you been conducting surveys?
    Eco Focus has been doing national Syndicated Research since 2010. Making us uniquely qualified to identify trends.
  • Tell me about the accuracy of your data:
    Our sample size is 4,000 US Consumer aged 18 and over which results in a Margin of Error: +/- 1.55%
  • What can I learn?
    At EcoFocus, we believe that relevant data gives our clients the confidence and power to make actionable decisions. Our Syndicated Studies cover dozens of Sustainability topics. No matter what business or industry you are in, we likely have data that you will help you make business decisions.


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